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Lucid Browser Privacy Policy

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Lucid Browser Privacy Policy

The app itself does not collect any information from any user. All of the permissions required for the app are for using the built in web browser or downloading files.

Ecosia Search engine uses a custom tag in order to track performance of Ads but nothing further than that. We are not able to see any search history. We have a partnership for sharing some ad revenue since the app is promoting this particular search engine.

The free version uses Google AdMob, so AdSense/AdMob have its own data collection which we cannot control.

The built in web browser has different choices for your search engine. Each search engine may have their own type of data collection which we do not maintain. This also goes for any website you visit at all.

Local Storage
The app also uses different types of application data caches such as storing your browser instance data locally for quick startup next time the app is started.

Rights & Distribution
We reserve rights to modify this policy whenever needed, but the latest version will be on this page. Unauthorized distribution of Lucid Browser Pro is not permitted.

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